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How long does sperm stay fertile

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Sep 11,  · Male Sperm (Y chromosone) usually lives 1 to 1 1/2 days during your fertile period. Female Sperm (X chromosone) usually lives around 3 days during your fertile period. In lab conditions it has shown that the female sperm can live up to 5 days. But all of this has to take into account that the sperm makes it to the fallopian tubes. With this in mind, we can calculate the fertile window to be 6 days long. This includes the 5 days sperm can survive, plus the one day of ovulation. Once Natural Cycles has identified your ovulation day, the algorithm will also take sperm survival into account meaning you will always get at least 5 red days prior to your identified ovulation day. Once mature, the sperm will await ejaculation. Once ejaculated, it takes approximately five minutes to one hour to reach the the fallopian tubes. Once inside the fallopian tubes, the sperm can stay between two and five days before being expelled from the body.

How long does sperm stay fertile
How long does sperm stay fertile

Conception begins when a sperm and egg fuse to create a new life. However, for this to occur, the timing must be right. Since sperm can only live in a woman's body for a short period, it is important that sexual intercourse be timed around ovulation. Sperm is a type of sex cell that is produced by a man. It is produced inside the testicles and is released by ejaculation. Once ejaculation has occurred during sexual intercourse, the sperm travels through the cervix and uterus of the female and into the fallopian tubes. Once the sperm is inside the fallopian tube, it will how long does sperm stay fertile a newly released egg and will attempt to unite.
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